Charge your blender with the included USB-cable

Before first use, make sure that the blender is fully charged. The light will shine a firm blue light while charging once it's ready.

Make sure that the container and base are properly aligned

The little arrow on the container (opposite side of the measurement markings) should point down directly over the start button.

Double tap to start

Press the button twice, fast.

Clean before first use

Blend water + a drop of soap, rinse!

Start by adding liquids

Then add the rest of your ingredients. This will help the blades work at maximum capacity.

Blend ice / frozen fruits

Start your blender upside down - so that the blades are free. Slowly flip the blender back up so that all ingredients hit the blades at full speed!

The jar needs to be aligned with the base.

Make sure that the little arrow on the jar (opposite side of the measurement markings) points DOWN directly over the start button). The light will flash purple once aligned.

Blades are blocked.

Flip your MyBlend upside down and make sure that the blades are completely free. Turn the blender on and slowly flip it back up again so that all ingredients hit the blades at full speed. Give it a gentle shake while blending.

Battery overheating protection.

This is a safety feature to prevent the batteries from overheating. Let the blender rest for 30 seconds and start it again. If the light red light is still visible, charge it for a minute to reset the battery voltage.


It takes around 3 hours to fully charge your MyBlend and each charge lasts for 15+ blends. You can check the battery life by pressing the button once.

Low Battery
The lights will slowly pulse blue while charging, and switch to firm blue while fully charged.
Full Battery

The lights will slowly pulse blue while charging, and switch to firm blue while fully charged.

This blender is not a toy. Use it responsibly
NEVER allow kids to use the device without adult supervision. Keep out of reach of kids.
NEVER touch the blades. Contact may result in injury. The device can still operate even if the lid is unscrewed.
NEVER place the device inside of a freezer, dishwasher, microwave or oven.
NEVER place the device or the USB-cable next to a warm surface like the stove.
NEVER blend warm fluids over 50°C / 125°F. Doing so might damage the device.
NEVER operate the device empty; doing so might damage it.
NEVER blend something that is carbonated. Pressure might arise inside of the container and could cause damage to your device or injury.
NEVER charge the device while it’s moist. Only use high-grade USB wall chargers & USB-C cables when you’re charging the device.
NEVER leave food in the device for long periods of time. Doing so may cause mold to get stuck on the silicone rings. This might also cause fermentation and can result in damage to the device or injury.